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Entry for Green Box of Games Summer 2018 Design Contest. Page and Rules in progress.

2 players. 15-20 minutes.

You've figured out how to get ahead. You just have to show up to work dressed a *little* better than everyone else around you--but not too much (you don't want to over-do it and look like a show-off). Don't sit next to the Boss, and of course, you *have* to sit by the Newbie to help out. A tile-laying game with (almost) perfect information that usually stays pretty close until the end.

Components Edit

All 36 tiles. 20 cubes in 2 colors each (Team Yellow and Team Green). Red and Blue can serve as supplements, respectively, as necessary.

Setup Edit

Each player takes two sets of tiles, 1 through 6, and lays them out face-up in front of him. The remaining 12 tiles are placed face-down, mixed, and 6 are drawn randomly, stacked face-down, and then flipped over so that only the top tile is visible. The remaining 6 tiles are returned to the box, unviewed.

Scoring Points Edit

Tiles with more points are "dressier" than tiles with fewer. Your goal is to come to work and sit next to (lay a tile adjacent to) someone else that you've out-dressed by the appropriate margin. This makes you look better-qualified, and more likely to get a promotion. The key is the *spread* between your new tile, and the tiles you're adjacent to. Out-do your neighbor by one point, and you get the point. Out-do your neighbor by two, and you're clearly trying too hard--your opponent gets the point. The same math holds for any differential: an Odd difference between neighbors means the High value wins; an Even difference between neighbors = Low value wins.

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