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This ruleset is a straight port of the game "Azul" designed by Michael Kiesling and published by Plan B Games. More information regarding the original game can be found here .
The "re-writting" of rules for the Green Box of Games was done by Pedro Dias, based on Plan B Games' rulebook.


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With the Green Box of Games and the Mini-Meeple expansion you can play a full game of Azul. A player board is provided, however people familiar with the game might find redundant. If there are not enough boards for the players, one board may be placed on the center of the table to be used as reference.

(This ruleset assumes the black color will be the one not being used as pieces.)
You will need the following components:

  • 20 cubes of each of the five colors (red, blue, green, yellow and white)
  • A way to keep score (a piece of paper or the scoreboard found at the end of this article will suffice)
  • A number of facedown tiles named Factories:
    • 5 tiles in a 2 player game
    • 7 tiles in a 3 player game
    • 9 tiles in a 4 player game
  • The black meeple to act as the first player marker


Give each player a player board.

Place the Factories on the center of the table within easy reach of all players.


A round of play consists of three phases:

  • Pick tiles
  • Complete tiles
  • Scoring and Refill factories

Collect tilesEdit

The starting player places the starting player marker in the center of the table and then takes the first turn. Play then continues clockwise.

On your turn, you must pick tiles in one of the following ways:

  • Pick all tiles of the same color from any one Factory display and then move the remaining tiles from this Factory display to the center of the table.
  • Pick all tiles of the same color from the center of the table. The first player to take this action each rounds also takes the black meeple. This meeple will mark him as the first player for next round and count as a negative tile in the floor line (see Floor line).

Once you have pick the tiles you must now place them in one of the 5 rows on your player board. Each row as a different size from one free spot to five. When you place tiles you must follow the following rules:

  • Place the tiles, one by one, from right to left on the chosen row.
  • One row may only contain tiles of one color.
  • You may not have more than one row with tiles of a certain color.
  • Once a row is fully filled it is considered complete. If you have picked up more tiles than you can place in your row, you must place in the floor line (see Floor line).
  • (After the first round) You may not place a tile on a row, if the corresponding mural row already contain a piece of that color.

Floor Line

Whenever you the black meeple or take tiles you cannot place you must place them on your floor line, from left to right.